Angry mum explains why she invoiced 5yr old for missing birthday party

Angry mum explains why she invoiced 5yr old for missing birthday party - PAY Julie LawrenceAngry mum explains why she invoiced 5yr old for missing birthday party - PAY Party invoice

Found this story online and thought y’all
should read and let’s debate. Was the
mum right to send the invoice to the 5
year old? This is unbelievable to hear is’nt? But first read the story below, culled from UK Mirror A heated row between two mums over Facebook has revealed how a five-year-
old ended up being invoiced for missing
a birthday party.

Derek Nash and Tanya
Walsh were stunned when they found a
bill for £15.95 inside their son’s school bag. Alex Nash (pictured with his dad), aged
five, decided to go on an outing with his
grandparents instead of taking up an
invite to attend the friend’s birthday
bash at a snow centre. But delivery
driver Derek was horrified when Alex came home with an invoice in a brown
envelope from party host Julie Lawrence
in his school bag last Thursday. He is insisting Julia (pictured left) and
husband Simon Lawrence “won’t be
getting a penny” of the money they are
asking for. After the story made headlines, a
Facebook conversation has emerged in
which Ms Lawrence explains her actions.

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It begins with Tanya asking about what
happened – below are some extracts form the lengthy chat.
She wrote: “I was very shocked to see the invoice in Alex’s school bag. I did not
realise that you had to pay for each child, as you never mentioned anything
about money when we spoke…. “I apologise for not letting you know, but
I did not have a phone number or an e-
mail for you to let you know the
situation (I also didn’t know your first
name, or I would have looked you up).

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“If I had known that I would have to pay if Alex did not go, then I would have paid
you the money, no problem. I do not like
fighting with people, and would prefer to
settle this amicably.” Julie replied: “I didn’t mention the money
when we spoke because it was a child’s
party, it doesn’t matter if you have to
pay per person or for a group if people
agree to going.

We all Find this shocking and it really pains

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