Expose!! Lagos First Male S*x Worker’s Bar Reviewed

The time was 7pm, penultimate Saturday. The venue was an inn on Abaranje Road in Ikotun, a suburb in Lagos State. He embellished dark denims on a dark T-shirt. He said his name was Kenny, obviously, he let it be known wasn’t his genuine name. He walked into the lodging as though his fundamental point was to have two or three beverages and possibly supplement it with a plate of sizzling pepper soup. In any case, Kenny didn’t simply come to just have a beverage, Kenny is most importantly, a male business s*x laborer and was searching for a client that he would “benefit” keeping in mind the end goal to make a snappy money for the weekend. One of our journalists became more acquainted with Kenny through a standard client, who had been belittling the motel bar for quite a while and who once had a closecontactwith him. Being a customary face in the bar as the spot appeared to be his office around evening time, his vicinity was sure, and in reality, he came, our reporter sat tight for him. It is no news that barsand drinkingjoints are the right spots for some on weekends, and being at the focal point of an occupied street, this inn appeared like a correct spot for some. The music blasting from the speakers was great and sufficiently boisterous to engross even the individuals who were not inside of the premises. With theperimeterfencing very much enlightened, passers-by could too be enticed to make a trip and have a beverage. Yet, for Kenny, he went ahead reason. Close by were a few gentlemen increstedvests with “security” strikingly imprinted on them to guarantee peace in the premises.


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