Must Read Zara Gretti’s grave missing? It’s not true

zara grettiThis is according to her friend, singer Nikki Laoye. There was a report last week that the late singer’s grave had been tampered with and her body may have been exhumed and removed from where it was buried so the cemetery could bury someone else there or something like that…can’t remember exactly what they wrote, didn’t pay much attention to it. But anyway, people who know where she was buried went visiting and slammed the report of her grave missing. Thankfully, her grave is intact. Singer Zara Gretti,real name Margaret-Mary Josephdied on March 28th 2014 at age 28 after a battlewith Multiple Sclerosis. What Nikki Laoye wrote on her instagram page after the cut… Must Read Zara Gretti's grave missing? It's not true - 21 300x146


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