See Hiw She Duped Me And i Feel Like killing Her – Story

This is a story of a lady i met in the village if kama her name is joy a student of unijos we knew each other for years, her father pass away couple of months ago and ever since then she has been struggling with her academic section she has no jobs to earn her money to sponsor her self to school
It was a faithful morning when am preparing for work and she came to my house with a sad mood reaction on her face pleading and crying to me saying ‘she have lost what she had, she have no place to go to again now that we are resuming second semester at school she has no body to talk and to raise funds for her’ I was like OMG!!! What is happening!.
I told she still insist until I respond to her. I was thing of a way to keep her calm. So remove my wallet and give her some money and promise her to attend to her when am back but she still insist that i must respond to her.

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On my way home i met her so i allow her in as a kind man and i know the situation she is facing so she narrated everything she need to me so i took her as a sister and she takes me as a father
As time goes on i was able to sponsor joy back to school were she studies medicine joy will be i the village to spend her holiday.
Just as a twinkle of an eye is now in her final year at University she cane to the village for assistance to her upcoming projects in school, i do all i can to assist joy and she was happy .

Now joy is ready to sit for her final exam she called me to inform me. Now the result is out Joy is now a first class in the faculty of Medicine. She graduated and went for service and get employed to one of the big company of medicine.

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It has been long she called me and i couldn’t hear from her again i called her she could not pickup my calls. so i remember if her courses mate in the sane department his name is James from jos and he narrated everything to me “Now she is totally different now, she don’t talk to her friends anymore she did things on her own now cos she earn high amount of money”. I was shocked when James told me all that so i started questioning my self that “is it joy the village girl James is talking about?”. now i decided to contact joy with a private number sudden she pick up and this was our conversation:-
Me: Hello Joy
Joy: hello who is speaking?
Me: is me john from kama village
Joy: were Da hell is kama village located?
Me: ( confused ) hello am i speaking with Joy soga?
Joy: yes is me and who are you?
Me: is me john from kama village were you are brought up before going to unijos
Joy : I don’t no were that is
Me: And I am the one who assisted u financially to the end of your final year in school.
Joy: I am sorry, I don’t know you (She end the call)
Me: hello hello hello…
She End the call…

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