How I s*x My Boss in Office and see what Happen (Photo)

How I s*x My Boss in Office and see what Happen (Photo) - LOVE2B2

This Is how i s*x my boss in office everyday and i enjoyed it.

Anytime am beside him i always have the fellings for me to Expose my body to him He love me so much

I’m a secretary and made an irrational decision nine months ago to sleep with my boss. He was years older but extremely sophisticated and s*x with him was good. So was s*x with my husband. My lover is happily married, so what we had was a fling.

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But why was I attracted to another man when I love my husband? My boss had since been promoted and he now heads a branch office. The affair is more or less dead. But why did I have it? Does it mean my marriage is doomed?

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See what the married lady, Mrs. Abah, sent this to Aunty Bunmi. Below is the reply she got:

Dear Mrs. Abah,
To be faithful “till death do us part” might be a wonderful idea, but there is plenty struggle – and slip – along the way.

While an affair isn’t pleasant, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have a dreadful marriage. Sometimes, we’re tempted simply because we want something new. It doesn’t necessarily mean we’re not happy with what we have nor is an affair anyone’s fault.
It’s impossible to make a partnership affair proof. No matter how loving, s*xy or beautiful you are, everyone is prone to temptation at some stage.
This doesn’t mean your partner is no longer in love with you. Most of the men who admit to having affairs claim to be happier in their marriages than other men who say they had never had one.

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Why My Dad Ra*pe me and see what happen to My Virginity

Women are more likely to cheat on heir men if they’re not happy at home, but that still doesn’t mean they don’t love their partners.



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