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Top 10 Tips to Heart Health

Top 10 Tips to Heart Health This article introduces you to the 10 best tips to keep your heart in good health. It is essential for people with heart problems to change their mode of life and their habits. The measures that must be taken by people in good health, as well as cardiac patients […]

8 Ways To Know Your Partner Has STI

Sexually transmitted infections are a spectrum of medical conditions that are acquired exclusively via an intimate and unprotected se*xual activity with an infected partner. Examples of STIs include; gonorrhoea, syphilis, genital herpes etc. One of the reasons why STIs are spreading fast is because most partners are ignorant of vital signs that indicate the presence […]

True Benefits Of Swallowing Sp*erm

This may come as a shocker to many woman…Dr Ananya Mandal in an article on says swallowing it might be a good idea. Her reports states that sp3rm has a lot of health benefits, whether swallowed or taken in via the [email protected]@ membranes. Though the prospects of having c’ um in the mouth, talk […]

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